I Hope You Dance - Other Pairings

Crush - Jennifer Paige

Sam/Jonas video.  I feel a little like I'm jumping on the bandwagon with this one, but I've been looking out for a song to use for these two for a while.  Today, it finally came to me... and this is the result.  Enjoy!  {DEC 02}

I'll Stand By You - Pretenders

My first Sam/Janet video.  Dedicated to Christine, just because.  {FEB 03}

All The Things She Said - t.A.T.u.

Sam/Jennifer.  Maybe Jonas isn't the only one with a crush on Sam...  And with that in mind, this is Hailey's POV.  It was also something of a challenge, given the number of scenes these characters have actually been in together!  {APR 03}

Do It With Madonna - The Androids

Sam/Jack, Jack/Anise, Jack/Kynthia, Jack/Sara, Jack/Janet, Sam/Jack/Janet.  Not one to be taken too seriously! ;-)  {MAY 03}

I Will Take Care Of You - The Bangles

Sam/Janet video.  {MAY 03}
Geonn Cannon has now written a fic inspired by this video!  Please hurry along and read it HERE, it captures the spirit of the video wonderfully!

(Honourable Mention)