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Summary: Well, I seem to have caught the drabble bug, I can't seem to stop writing them. That's what gave me this idea really.

The Drabble Contest

By LauraJo, September 1999
E-Mail: laura@laurajo.net



"Hi Chakotay, what are you up to?"

"Writing a drabble."

"Writing a what?"

"A drabble - a story told in exactly one hundred words. Tom challenged Harry to write one, and now Neelix turned it into a shipwide competition. There are no rules other than that the story must be one hundred words long. I'm surprised you hadn't heard about it."

"I haven't spoken to Neelix in a while, or anyone else for that matter. I've been too busy."

"So, Kathryn, now I've told you all about it, can I expect to be reading your entry?"

"We'll see, Chakotay, we'll see."


Seven of Nine

Drabbles are irrelevant. However, the Doctor suggested that this competition might be a good opportunity for me to participate in a crew activity. He may be correct, so I will comply.

My work concerns the origins of this competition. I do not understand them. I fail to see how a challenge from one person to another can result in the participation of the entire crew. Maybe the point of my drabble is to prove that I still have a lot to learn about what it is to be human. I must believe I am able. I must endeavour to adapt.


Kathryn Janeway

A young girl sat in her tree dreaming of the future. It was something she often did, and the vision was always the same.

Of course, she would have the perfect job. Something involving science. Working in space, among friends, at the top of her profession.

But the most important thing in this life was that she had found her soulmate. Someone she could love with every fibre of her being. Someone who would cherish, love and protect her. Someone who would promise always to be by her side.

Little did she know, one day she would have it all.


Tom Paris

What would you do if two of your friends were unbelievably in love with each other yet neither would admit it? This is what I'd like to do.

I'd like to lock them in a turbolift until they either admitted how they felt to each other or died of starvation. I'd like to steer them under the mistletoe at a Christmas party so that one kiss could tell them all they need to know about each other. I'd like to force them to make us all happy.

Of course I won't, because I don't know anyone like that. Do I?


B'Elanna Torres

101 ways to irritate the Doctor, in only 100 words:

- Program his height to decrease by 2 cm every minute for an hour (60 ways)

- Program him to appear in a bikini (1 way)

- Turn up in sickbay with a broken finger everyday for a week (7 ways)

- Send your lover to sickbay with broken ribs everyday for a month (31 ways)

- Ignore him (1 way)

- Program sickbay (and don't ask me how) so whenever he touches a hypospray his uniform changes colour (1 way - frequency unpredictable, so counted as 1 multiway!)

So I cheated - could you do it without?!!?!


Harry Kim

He crept through the shadows like a professional. Never seen, never heard, edging ever closer to his final goal. Years of planning, reconnaissance, and most importantly patience meant that his target had grown ever closer, ever more attainable, until finally he could stand it no more. The prize would be his.

An hour passed, then another. Something was wrong. He shouldn't have been able to get this far this easily. There should have been something to block his way, to make this more of a hazard, a risk. It almost seemed as if they wanted him to succeed, unless…



Naomi Wildman

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Nicola who was born on a starship. She lived on the starship as well, because her Mummy worked there.

One day she told her Mummy that she wanted to be the Captain when she grew up. Her Mummy just laughed and said "We'll see." She did.

Nicola grew up to be a pretty girl, who knew lots of things. She had learnt all about how to run starships, and now she was ready to be Captain. Years after Voyager had made it home, Captain Wilding took command of Voyager B.


The Doctor

The fair maiden looked down helplessly from her castle prison as her true love bled slowly to his death in the courtyard. There was nothing she could do, no-one to call for help. The attackers had long since disappeared.

But what is that in the distance? Could it be? Was it really him? Yes! The noble doctor rode through the castle gates with but one concern - the fair maid's happiness. Her love would live.

But look - in the opposite tower, one remaining marksman. He takes aim, he fires. The doctor lies prone on the floor. His price for valour - death.



Finally, they were his. After weeks of torture, of watching them grow from tiny seedlings into plants, watching the small green spheres slowly enlarge, watching them in their gradual transformation into the perfectly rounded red treasures that they were today. Finally, he could collect the booty, could retrieve his reward.

Imagine if you will how it would feel. Something you had wanted, had longed for, ever since you first became aware of its existence. Something you truly believed to be your destiny, and finally it is in your possession, within your grasp.

The monkey sat down to eat his tomatoes.



Friendship is precious, perhaps especially so to the crew of this vessel. Yet many of us do not learn to appreciate what a friend can be until we come face to face with their loss. Others refuse to let people get close in order to avoid the pain they would suffer should this situation arise.

I value my friendships, especially those which were unexpected. I used to believe it was illogical to befriend those whom you've previously deceived. Now, I know that a common interest in the welfare of someone you each particularly care about can overcome almost any obstacle.



So what did you think? Now it's time for you to judge the winner…

The judging is easy, just decide who you think was the most creative or put their point across the best in the word limit allowed. And no playing favourites - judging must be according to the merits of the work and not who your best friends or your superiors are!

I will collate the results and announce the winner when it becomes obvious who has 'run away with it', to use a human phrase. To place your vote, please leave a message HERE or contact me HERE.


Well, you read what Neelix said, so get to it! I'd love to hear your opinions…


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