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"I can tell you a story, an ancient legend among my people.   It's about an angry warrior, who lived his life in conflict with the rest of his tribe.  A man who couldn't find peace, even with the help of his spirit guide.   For years he struggled with his discontent, the only satisfaction he ever got came when he was in battle.  This made him a hero among his tribe, but the warrior still longed for peace within himself.  One day he and his war party were captured by a neighbouring tribe, led by a woman warrior.  She called on him to join her, because her tribe was too small and weak to defend itself from all it's enemies.  The woman warrior was brave and beautiful, and very wise.  The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter.   From that point on her needs would come first.  And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace..."

Commander Chakotay, "Resolutions"

Well, this is my Star Trek: Voyager story index, your jumping off point to all the fanfic I've written.  Unless I state otherwise, they're all J/C in nature, but none of them are above a PG-13 as far as I am aware.

Oh, and I know I wasn't exactly original in quoting the most famous lines from "Resolutions", but I couldn't resist.  At least now that they're up there, they shouldn't appear in any of my stories...

Well, without further a do here are my stories.  Happy reading!

Short Stories

Return of the Haiku... - JAN 02 (8k)

My second selection of Haiku, all of which were entered in Anne Rose's Second Annual JetC Haiku Contest.

Miscommunication - JAN 02 (14k)

Communication errors abound.

Just Hold My Hand - JAN 02 (8k)

A quiet moment between friends at the end of a busy day.

Bitten - OCT 01 (13k)

An afternoon interlude sets off a chain of events that could alter two lives forever.

Not Even In Death - AUG 01 (6k)

Sometimes nothing can keep people apart.

Shattered Resolutions - MAR 01 (20k)

A series of confessions lead to happiness on the most romantic night of the year.

Finally Kathryn - FEB 01 (7k)

Kathryn considers her romantic relationships.

Kath - FEB 01 (9k)

Get inside Mark's head.... scary!!! ;-)

Time's Boundaries - JAN 01 (9k)

Shattered vignette, picking up later in the conversation at the end of the episode.

Haiku - JAN 01 (5k)

My selection of Haiku, all entered in Anne Rose's First Annual JetC Haiku Contest.

A Friend's Touch, A Lover's Caress - DEC 00 (9k)

Little changes with a deeper meaning.

Terrible Tiramisu - NOV 00 (5k)

A Koffee Klub challenge story, Chakotay's POV; and that's all I'm going to say.

Hourglass - JUL 00 (10k)

Kathryn writes down her thoughts as Voyager approaches Earth after a long journey home.

Action and Reaction - JUL 00 (15k)

How does the crew react to Janeway's confession? Sequel to 'Torrent of Emotion'.

Aftermath JUN 00 (7k)

This is my answer to a challenge posted by Jess to JCUK.

Torrent of Emotion - JUN 00 (9k)

Harry falls in love, but it's Chakotay that gets the girl.

 A Logical Romance - MAY 00 (6k)

My answer to a JetC22 challenge from Christine to write a J/C a story in the first person from the POV of another character other than Tom or B'Elanna.

Crescent Moon - APR 00 (7k)

A short offering about completion.

Busted! - APR 00 (6k)

Inspired by the 'Busted' stories flying around JetC21 (and 20) at the moment.

After Image - OCT 99 (8k)

More musings from our dear Captain…

Meant To Be - SEP 99 (19k)

Kathryn and Chakotay learn some things about their relationship.

The First And The Only - MAR 99 (6k)

Janeway's musings on her marriage.

Random Observations - MAR 99 (6k)

Someone's noticed.

Longer Stories

Increments - MAY 02

Virtual Voyager Season 9, Episode 7.  Sometimes small steps are the surest way to progress.  [Text Version]

Click the cover to see an enlarged version.


Distant Elephants - DEC 01

Virtual Voyager Season 8, Episode 23.  Voyager arrives at her final resting place but for her crew the journey is far from over.  [Text Version]

Click the cover to see an enlarged version.

Tying the Threads - SEP 01

Dissatisfied with the conclusion of Voyager? Feel that there were too many loose ends? "Tying the Threads" is a group project aimed at bringing the whole Voyager series to a more pleasing resolution. I was lucky enough to be amongst the eleven fanfic writers taking part in this project, with the other chapters penned by AnneRose, Autopilot, Cassatt, Kayla, KJ, LA, Mary S., Sängerin, Shayenne, and Sheri.

Read what happened to the Maquis, Tom and B'Elanna, Harry, Tuvok and T'Pel, Neelix and Dexa, The Doctor, Seven of Nine, Sam and Naomi Wildman, Icheb, Tal Celes, Mortimer Harren, Gerron, the Delaney sisters, Vorik, Marla Gilmore, Renlay Sharr, Mike Ayala, Joe Carey's widow Sarah... and of course, Kathryn and Chakotay, and Voyager herself.

The Dance - JAN 01 (30k)

A ceremonial dance leads to a night to remember for the crew of Voyager.

It Began With A Storm - JAN 01 (116k)

A ship crashes down to New Earth, bringing changes for everyone.

Same Time, Next Year - APR 00 (225k)

Loosely based on the 1978 film of the same name.

Something To Remember - JAN 00 (37k)

What if someone else wanted to remember... A story set straight after the events in Unforgettable.

Rebekah's Story - SEP 01

A series telling Voyager's story through the eyes of a crewmember named Rebekah.

Enterprising Voyage - JUL 99 (70k)

Is Voyager finally going to make it home?

For A Happy Captain - APR 99 (24k)

B'Elanna helps to put things back on course.


A Glitch In The New Software - JUN 01 (4k)

My addition to the "101 ways to Kill a Borg" drabbles going around the JanewayChakotay list. Relies on knowledge of "Endgame".

Walls - FEB 01 (4k)

Angsty drabble written for the JetC23 drabble contest.

Images In The Mind - FEB 01 (4k)

Comedy drabble written for the JetC23 drabble contest.

The Love Bug - DEC 00 (5k)

Just what was that insect thinking?

My Mate, Marmite - JAN 00 (4k)

I wrote this drabble after being inspired by the Marmite commercial and watching ST: Insurrection (again).  They may seem odd to pair together, but it does make sense.  Honestly.

The Chop/One More Time/Wisdom Teeth - NOV 99 (7k)

Three conversational pieces.

The Drabble Contest - SEP 99 (10k)

Well, I seem to have caught the drabble bug, I can't seem to stop writing them. That's what gave me this idea really.

Song Drabbles - SEP 99 (5k)

A collection of drabbles inspired by and starting with a single line from a song.

Drivel Drabble - AUG 99 (4k)

VERY short! But then it would be...

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